Why is there no Good Samaritan Law in Malaysia?

While finding out more about Good Samaritan Law, I found this article:

“Malaysia doesn’t have any Good Samaritan laws. These laws exist in certain countries to encourage bystanders to offer assistance in emergencies, by protecting them in the event of unintended injuries or death during the course of a rescue.

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr. N.K.S. Tharmaseelan said when encountering an injured victim, one should always seek help from a qualified medical professional. The only things you should do is apply pressure if there is profuse bleeding, or administer CPR if there is difficulty in breathing.”


I was telling my sister how CPR could cause broken ribs. She wondered if helping someone in need could cause more trouble for the person and ourselves. Then I told her about the Good Samaritan law and was shocked to find that it’s not available in Malaysia.

Why isn’t there Good Samaritan Law in Malaysia? I think Good Samaritan Law should be the minimum standard. Countries should do better and introduce Duty To Rescue Law.

Must ask a doctor/nurse/lawyer/ politician when I meet one next.