Why I love growing up… #2

It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoy my adulthood. Despite what people see, it’s not easy at all. Nobody sees the sweat, tears and heartbreak because I don’t talk and dwell on them (I prefer to turn adversity into adventures…like being starved skinny to publishing a cookbook). But despite the bumps, the journey to adulthood had been most satisfying.

I was trying to learn to play “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera on my uke. As I look at the lyrics I feel compelled to type my thoughts about growing up. So here I am, writing when I’m suppose to be in bed.

I was 12 when Mulan was played in the cinema. I was inspired. Inspired because I had always been the ‘naughty’ one. To my relatives, speaking my mind wasn’t considered to be particularly a positive trait. I wanted to do what the boys do. I ask questions which were mostly construed as affront to their authority.

Of course, I was young and stupid obedient so I mostly succumb to the status quo and felt really suppressed. (Now that I am one, I wonder why can’t adults accommodate inquisitive minds?)

Anyway, so you can imagine me croaking to “there’s a heart that must be free to fly. That burns with a need to know the reaasoon whhhhhyyy~” 

When will my reflection shows who I am inside? Now! When I am an adult, no longer a teen, my heart is free to fly.  And when I have burning need to ask the reason why, Google always gives me an answer. If it fails, I know I can always seek it elsewhere. I love growing up!


It’s so hard to play ‘Reflection’ on the uke. It’s gonna take me forever to learn!