Why are you so hard on yourself?

Common question “Why are you so hard on yourself?”

I thought about it on a long drive back home. Answer:

Because I am lucky. Because I was so graciously given things that many people in the world do not get: able body, love, education and opportunities. I feel so guilty, almost sinful, to not make the best out my abilities and give back in whatever way I can.

Though we might not see it that way, our work is not only for us to make a living; our work allows us to contribute to the society. An artist creates art and bring joy to someone who appreciates beauty, a business person provides services and products that enhance someone’s life, an actress provides entertainment, a janitor keeps a place clean for everyone’s comfort etc.

That’s why I can’t bear to immerse myself in too many frivolous activities. There are too many things that I should do and can do.