Whitewater rafting at Ulu Slim River

“What sports do you do?” someone once asked. When I said yoga and swimming, he said “Oh, you like mild and solitary sports”. Well, that’s kinda true. They really are the only sports that are more sustainable. You can do it daily if you want to. But lately, I’m having quite a bit of fun trying more extreme sports….like whitewater rafting!

We drove from Kuala Lumpur to Ulu Slim Perak for 5 hours of fun (and torture). First, about 15 of us were put at the back of a truck for 1/2 journey to the start of the river. Were wore our gears – helmet, life jacket and a paddle before getting into our inflatable boat. Then we spend the next 5 hours moving out body front, back, right and left of the boat!

Here’s some photos. Wait till I get my hands of those where we were on the boat 😀

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