When you’re beside a Miss Universe finalist….

I grew up with my brother calling me ‘hodoh’. It’s how he shows affection. So, when my siblings told me I look like Ronald MacDonald beside my Lil Sista, I l pursed my lips and laugh. I went home in my horizontal striped top and drew this:



p/s: When I told my good friend about this, she tried to console me. But don’t worry about me. Words – especially relating to my appearance – don’t trouble me. Think I look funny. So? Think I’m lazy. Are you crazy? Think I’m boring. Oh, you don’t know me Mister. Man, I really like the confidence than comes along with age; so much that I’m worried that it will turn into conceit! #stillfeelawesomebeingbesideahotgirl #overconfidence? #imahappymeal