WHAT I’VE READ: The Life-changing magic of tidying up

Remember I said that, like Marc Zuckerberg, I want to have a little book club and talk about books I’ve read? I don’t think I have time to write about each and every book I’ve read. This book is my 10th book of the year (excluding two others I’m reading concurrently).

But I have found a wonderful book which secured a place in the most prestigious part of my bookshelf; only the best books are kept there. Naturally, I must tell you three most interesting things about it:

3 interesting facts 

  • Keep only things that spark joy. There’s a specific word for it in Japanese, tokimeku. I didn’t realise before that certain things makes my heart goes fuzzy just by looking at them e.g books and my soft-toy Prince Charming. I’m determine to only buy and keep these things.
  • Thanking your material things for their service before throwing them away. I always feel guilty for throwing away things, especially gifts. So I tried thanking that dress a friend gave me that was too sheer; it did its job for expressing my friend’s love on my birthday and it gave me joy when I received it. Then I put it away and felt better. I feel that I appreciate things a lot more after reading this book!
  • Piling folded clothes is the wrong way of doing things. I wrote about it in JewelPie. Click to find out!


Now that this is done, I’m moving on to an encyclopaedia-like book on food an cooking.