What I’ve gained from being a fashion minimalist

So for at least three years I’ve shopped quality over quantity. I no longer wear cosmetic jewellery or buy new fast clothing mindlessly.

I wear the same gold jewellery, well-made clothes and shoes again and again, and I don’t change my bags daily like I used to (while at the same time trying to look fine because I do like fashion). I’ve also wear the same hairstyle and little makeup.

With the time I’ve saved from being a minimalist in fashion and life, I think I’ve learned much: growing food, watercolour painting, writing calligraphy, playing the ukulele, hiking, diving, financial management, philosophy, first aid, etc. It’s amazing to know I only picked up these new skills in the last few years.

So excited to improve my new skills, and learn even more new things. Speaking Mandarin? Dancing maybe? Astronomy? Oh, I love how there’s so many things to look forward to in this life 

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