What I found in a Khmer cookbook…

You should know by now that my work involves developing recipes. Often ask where I get ideas for the food I make, I must say my second biggest influence must be my travels. My trip to Siem Reap last year resulted in me cooking the most popular Cambodian dish, the Fish Amok, five days in a row for different set of people! (Yes, I love it that much!)

See my homemade fish amok here!

Fish amok in a coconut!
Fish amok in a coconut!

I was so fascinated with the Khmer cuisine (many unfortunately are lost due to the Cambodian war) that I purchased four different cookbooks to study the records of surviving dishes. As I’m flipping through one of them this morning, I found this quote:cambodianproverbAh, I love spending the morning (or any time of the day) reading culinary books, improving recipes and then cook!