What happens after writing a cookbook?

A lot.  It includes many things like planning for a book launch. That itself takes a lot of effort and collaboration. You need to look for a suitable location, choose a good date, plan the agenda and even prepare for a cooking demo. I’m currently preparing an introduction speech and thinking about what cool tools to introduce to the media.booklaunch

Also, you will naturally want to see the cookbooks in the stores. Honestly, after two months since it’s launch, I’ve only checked it out twice: once at Publika and another at The Times Bookstores Pavilion, a few days ago. Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes in Times BookstoreIt feels a little funny to see my face in bookstores. I remember many years back when I modelled for Kenko Fish Spa, my legs were plastered on the entire ceiling-to-floor window. I wouldn’t voluntarily enter the place. When friends pull me into the spa, my face will flush and I will want to get out immediately. Oh, how shy. Now I’ve changed to be quite an entertainer!