What else can I get rid of?

So many things I want to do/learn. So little time. But I can find time. First I need to eliminate things I don’t need that steal my time/attention:
1. DRIVING. I hate driving and I don’t do it if I don’t have to. This month, I decide to not drive AT ALL and Uber/Grab everywhere I go just to see how much I spend on it and how much time I save. I’ll be doing whatever I want/need to do during the trip. It should answer the question: do I really need a car? (probably yes unfortunately…)
2. APPS. Deleting apps I don’t need. Only apps I use daily will be place in the first two pages of my phone. The rest will be in folders. I shall just delete all the fun apps I used to like e.g Fatify/ Chess too which I find hard. What if I want to play one day? Don’t play with your phone, play with people Sara!!!
3. BEAUTY TREATMENTS Friends always show up looking fabulous and tell me their latest beauty treatments. I am so tempted. But I this month decided to not do anything other than lash extensions because the 2 hour spent (including trip) saves me on putting on makeup the entire month. No manicure, no hair treatment, no massage etc.
4. OVERTHINKING/DAYDREAMING I think a lot (which is important for creation). But I’m not sure how much time I spend thinking about unnecessary things… I’m a dreamer. I dream of things BUT then I make them happen. Now, I need to monitor my thoughts that does not lead to action.
5. DIGITAL MESS While I’ve got rid of most material things I don’t need, I still have a lot of intangible junk: files and photos in my computer/tablet. Need to find time to delete stuff.
Let’s see how much extra time/peace of mind I can get…