Underrated beautiful things

I love all things beautiful. Who doesn’t? Yes, but I love it in a way that moves my heart and soul. I’m not talking about good looking people or cosmetics (though I appreciate them both). It’s not purely aesthetic. I’m talking about the underrated beauty that surrounds us. They makes my heart flutter and lingers in my mind for days…


It can be a sight. A beautiful view of paddy fields and sea from the top of Gunung Jerai. The field and the sea brings food – and hence life  – to people.

It can be a word. Multipotentialite. A term I didn’t know existed which shows that having a wide range of interest could be as rewarding than only one.

It can be a piece literature. Sherlock Holmes series which blends good literature, amazing story telling and strong values. ‘The Scandal In Bohemia’ is possibly my favourite short story of all time. 

It can be an idea. Thoughts of a modern philosopher about living a meaningful life. There is a place in this capitalistic world for philosophy, as human will always try to find meaning in life. This life, it don’t have to be one or another.

It can be a song. Charles Trenet’s La Mer. A song so beautiful in tune and lyrics that l I play it again and again and again….


I realise recently that there are many beautiful things in this world waiting to be a discovered and appreciated. I can’t wait to live!