Ukulele Update + Watermelon Uke!

My decision to pick up the ukulele is a combination three things: an experiment, a challenge ,and for fulfilment. I want to prove that it is true that one can learn anything in 20 hours, convince myself that I am not a music-retard and fulfil my childhood desire to be able to play an instrument.


Of course, it was also a stroke of luck; Narmi took his ukulele to a beach holiday which allowed a few days of exposure to a foreign four-strings music machine. Two musicians taught, encouraged, and took me to buy my first ukulele. I was lucky!

bridal chorus


  • Play many Christmas songs and some classics like ‘Love Me Tender’ – though I still need to see the music sheet (in letters, not musical symbols).
  • Memorize common chords e.g F, Am, Em, Bb, A, G.
  • Grasp a more difficult strumming pattern (down, down, up…up, down, up) instead of just (up-down-up-down)
  • Not only do I simplify recipes, I’m now simplifying music to make it intelligible to one who can’t read notes! (?!). I wanted to play the Bridal Chorus to surprise a friend on her hen’s night. But it was too difficult so I made some scribblings…




When I become better, I shall award myself with a watermelon ukulele! (Yes, even my instrument has to be healthy!)