travel should generate a whole constellation of ideas about people

“If travel is broadening, it should broaden more than just our knowledge of how a Gothic cathedral looks or how the French make wine. It should generate a whole constellation of ideas about how men and women work and play, raise their children, worship their gods, live and die” – William Zinsser
How true.
Been avoiding going to touristic places and doing touristic things when I travel. Some of my most memorable holidays is living like the locals – e.g staying in a wooden Malay house at my teacher’s kampung or living with my Japanese family.
If I can, I’ll like to go to China and stay in a house in a hutong, or anywhere in the world really. Anybody want to invite me to stay with them? I will cook for shelter (?!).
(Zinsser said one of the best travel book is ‘Walden’, written by Henry David Thoreau. Many books and articles from different sources that I’ve read (and enjoyed) lead me to this book again and again. I must carve out some time to read it this year. Probably at a quiet beach holiday.)