Trapped feminist

‘India’s daughter’, a documentary worth my tears. When Jyoti, the Delhi gang rape victim, was told by her father that he didn’t have money for her medical education, she said “Papa, whatever money you’ve saved for my wedding, use that to educate me”.

She was an intelligent and hardworking girl with honourable dreams; she wanted to build schools and hospitals. She said a girl can do anything. She stopped police from beating up a little boy who stole her money; instead she buy him clothes and food and warned him to never do it again.

I am deeply sadden such a girl is no longer in this world because of the violence of some animals. Despite having great love for Indian culture (e.g Ayurveda, yoga, Indian food, etc) I no longer desire to travel to India. I can’t do much, but I can vote with my wallet!

Please watch when you get the chance.

Sometimes I feel like a feminist trapped in a feminine body and with ‘feminine interests’. I feel so strongly about this more than any other news. Perhaps I’ve always admire people who flourished despite of difficulties, who work hard not the betterment of others and who believe in doing good in small or big ways. She’s the kind of girl who can and will make the world a better place. It’s such a huge lost to the world.