Tidying on TV!

Sometimes, I seem to be doing the lamest thing on TV…like teaching people to make congee in ziplock bag or how to fold clothes (?!). The lame part is I think tidying, cooking and all thing domestic is cool (?!). Let me explain. 

It’s not that I love to cook and clean per se. It’s just that I love how eating well and having an organised home translates to a positive effect to my lifestyle. It leads to good health that enables me to do things that I enjoy and work better. My home is arranged in such as way that  it’s easy to relax at home with foot bath and a pot of tea.

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So I was very excited to share what I’ve just learned from Marie Kondo. It’s not the first decluttering book I’ve read, but it contains never-before-heard ideas and wisdom.

I went with the book, the knowledge from it, some clothes, boxes, paper bags, pegs, scrap paper, and high-spirit to share what I know.

So I was setting up the station with things. Look at my pretty paper bags. I had to hid it as NTV7 wouldn’t allow any brands to be shown. (Only paid brands can be mentioned). My slot was at the end, so I saw people setting up tents and portable bbq pit for a talk about ‘glamping’.

If you want to watch me folding clothes (haha!), here it is!