Thoughts about time, money, and value.

Many things at work and at play made me realise the (dis)connection between time, money, and value. My thoughts:

1. What a pity that what is not commercially valuable is consider of little value when it is intrinsically worth much.

2. My faith in people means that I give more time/ benefit of doubt to that person than he/she actually deserves.

3. But as time is limited, I want to give priority to people who value my time/company more than those who do less.

4. A short time to other people may feel like a long time to efficient people. When someone says, “Oh, it’s just one month”, it’s not true to me. That one month may feel like three months. Maybe because I know can do so much in short time that it feels like a long time. It is never *just* a few minutes to me.

In two months time, I turned a bare garden into a little farm

5.  I avoid ‘multi-tasking’ because ‘focus’ saves more time. So sometimes I can be preoccupied by one thing and one thing only.

6. As I grow older, I begin to like things to move at a faster than rather than a slower pace. This affects my patience.

7. How much more time have I left on this earth I will never know. So sometimes giving into my impulse is ok.

8. Things takes away time. At the moment, I don’t want to buy anything.

I like to spend time doing things that I love slowly


9. Better spend a little time thinking about time lest we squander them all to useless activites/thoughts.

10. It seems ironic that I like to save time because I like to spend time doing things that I love slowly.

Luxury is time.

How much is my time worth?