Better than Fatty Crab + Failed Crab Hacks

I cook, but I don’t kill. I’ve read that one year Mark Zuckerberg challenged himself to only eat what he killed and ended up being almost vegetarian that entire year. Then I read in detailed how Tim Ferriss killed different kinds of animal for consumption (lobsters, chickens, squirrels and even a doe!).  
I was inspired to go wild! I told myself that perhaps one day I shall muster the courage to kill and cook a chicken. So I started with something simpler: crabs!

Naturally the food hacker in me tried smarter ways of doing things. How about flipping crabs with a tong? Or dismantling its claws and body with gloves?

The first idea is not bad (but my mother’s hand was a better tool). The second? I thought it was until Manda told me I tore the glove when she was washing the dishes. Yeah, not all hack works 🙁 Tried and tested…

Though this is not our first crab party, its happens only on rare occasion. At the last Khong’s birthday celebration, instead of cooking, we decided to have the famous Fatty Crab and were sorely disappointed.

All of us didn’t understand why it’s crowded and Manda said “Mom can cook better ones!”. So we decided to have our own crab party again. But this time, the Khong girls (Manda and I) will learn to kill crabs and we did! This sounds sadistic, but it was quite a lot of fun.

Here are some photos:

We ended the party with some fruits and snacks from the Ramadhan bazaar. What a lovely day!