The only Valentine’s present I’ll always want

I’m afraid of cliché; it kills novelty. I will dread the day where I cannot think of anything I would want more than red roses and dinner wit a set menu. So I was not as delighted as I should be once upon a time and he knew better.

But I’m always a fan of words. And spa. My appreciation of spa goes beyond mere pampering. It’s connected to ancient medicine, culture and history. I’ve seen the earliest massage parlour at Pompeii and learned Thai massage in Phuket. 

Today I experience ‘Malay Urut’ with oil blended with patchouli and ylang-ylang, the former scent is native of Malaysia. If you go to the perfume museum in Paris, there’s a map which says ‘Malaisie’. I was so proud.

After two hours of kneading, I came out of the spa room with both my heart and face glowing.