The Khong Siblings

Introducing the Khong siblings:


We’ve decided to take a photo of all of us, lined according to our birth order, every year on Daddy’s birthday.

I suggested this after reading this article about four sisters who managed to take a family photo for 40 years!

So with my camera and trusty tripod, we took a few shots and settled on the one above. I’ve even remove the colour to make it black and white. Looks promising isn’t it?

Khong bw

Oh, on the same day we took another photos of us, recreated from our childhood. It was 22 years ago!

I didn’t know how much we’ve grown until we did this. I’ve grown much taller so I was covering my big sista’s face. So Mom told her to sit on another cushion to lift her up. You can’t see it, but  I was barely sitting on the sofa lest you can’t see my sister’s face.

Also, do you realise how big the cushions were 22 years ago? Brada and Lil Sis are so big now, they covered the cushions! So, we purposely moved it to the side to make it seen. Yes, a lot of effort were put in this photo! : D


I hope we are able to gather on this day, every year, until we are old and wrinkly!


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