The foundation of my (romantic) relationship

Sometimes I get peculiar comments and questions relating to my partner:

“I’ll keep an eye on him”
“Show him who’s the boss”
“Do you let him do x?”

It had always puzzled me and I’ve plunged in deep thought why people say these things.

Though I’d normally give a short and cordial reply eg “Nah I’m not worried”, what I really want to do is to launch into this little speech…


I built my (romantic) relationship on trust, equality and freedom.

1. Trust
Trust is so important to its held sacred. I appreciate brutal honesty more than white lies. Malicious untruth has no place in my relationship.

2. Equality
A relationship should be more of a democracy than a dictatorship. Actually no, there shouldn’t be power-play. And it’s definitely not sexist e.g a woman should be tolerated, a man has the final say etc

3. Freedom
My relationship is based on laissez-faire system. There shall be no regulations; reason should be the guidance to our actions.


Too idealistic? I don’t think so. If being in a relationship means I (or my partner) have to be suspicious, unreasonable or controlling, I would be rather be alone.