The biggest regret in my life: watching bullfight in Madrid

I don’t do regrets.

bullfight1But paying 70 Euro to fuel animal cruelty is one of the few.bullfight0

I was truly excited at the beginning to watch a bullfight, naively believing its only about tricking a bull into charging into red flags.


No! Bullfight involves torturing and killing the animal. I watched in horror the poor bull being aggravated, speared, knifed and bled to death. It was panting, confused and angry.


Finally, the matador used a sword and thrust into the bull’s heart. The dying bull trudged to a corner, collapsed and die. At the end the injured body was pulled away by three horses and left a gory blood trail.bullbullfight8bullfight6

We couldn’t stomach the cruelty further. After the first killing, which happened within 20 minutes, we left the two hours show because we cannot bring ourselves to witness more cruelty. I was near tears. Never in my life did I feel scared, shocked, sad, disgusted, angry and guilty at the same time.


Please do not watch ‘bullfight’ in Madrid. It’s a misnomer; ‘bulltorture’ or ‘bullkilling’ would be a more appropriate term. Killing animals (in a humane way) for sustenance is one thing; physically and mentally torturing them for entertainment is another thing altogether.