The ability to entertain myself

“I’m gonna have dinner and drinks with my friends tomorrow. What are you going to do?” He asked, concerned.

“Do my own thing lah. You think my world revolves around you ah?”


I have SO MANY things up my sleeve:

1. A few very exciting work projects that kept me feeling super excited. I’m refraining myself from working this weekend. So hard!

2. My sisters and I will be making pizza tomorrow! 😀

3. I found out a few days ago that, with the help of the wall, I could do supported headstand (salamba sirsana)! *gasp* Can’t wait to practice more to go upside down on my own!

4. I am reading three books concurrently and would appreciate some time to finish them. The past week was too hectic so no bedtime stories for me :/

5. I’m practicing “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera on my uke. It’s not easy, but I’m so going to be able to play it well one day *determine*


After that conversation, I’m so glad that I was in an all-girls school and that, I believe, facilitated me to be mostly single all my life. It gave me a lot of opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, pick up new interests and skills that led me to a career I am passionate about.

While he enjoy his beer, I’ll enjoy myself doing things I love to do