Taking a train to the top of Europe

Never in my wildest dream I thought it is possible to:

1) Take a train up to swiss alps
2) That I can survive a weather of -32 degrees Celcius.


But the most impossible thing can happen and you never know what you are capable of doing until you do it.


A trip up to Jungfrou, one of the main summits in Switzerland, allowed me to the one of the most beautitul sights in the world. I was as though I was in heaven; clouds were below me and everything was pristine white.



What can you do up there besides enjoying the view? Play with snow of course! So I grab them and throw it at anything and everything- the camera man, the train, myself (?)53 9

The view reminds me of a scene in Twilight where Jacob and Edward took Bella up to the mountain to protect her from Victoria.13

Photos are deceiving. While I seem to have a lot of fun, I was suffering from the cold. This is my Jacob-Edward. At that time, I wish he’s a werewolf. I needed heat!jungfrou

But I can’t say I won’t go there again the next time I’m there 😉