Old recipes with a twist in Her World magazine

Here’s some cooking and styling that I done for Her World. Aren’t the photos pretty?
JewelPie for Her World 1 JewelPie for Her World 2 JewelPie For Her World 3

Get a copy of Her World this June and remember to admire the pages for more than a few seconds…even if you don’t plan to try the recipes.

Most people didn’t know is food photography and styling for magazines and restaurants is very stringent. Food are poke and moulded. Sometimes drastic measures are used e.g lighting cigarette for its smoke, creating an illusion of a hot, steamy dish.

It makes me  wonder if it is deceiving. But if we look at it positively, if that photo increases you appetite and encourage you to cook, then it’s a good thing?

My power lunch recipes in Her World magazine March 2015!

One of my many secret experiments in the kitchen involves creating six healthy lunch packs for Her World magazine. Having launched the #lunchboxmonday campaign (www.lunchboxmonday.com), this project excites me more than others. It was heaps of fun creating, cooking and finally styling the food with Her World team. I love the results!Her World - Sara Khong Her World - Sara Khong Her World - Sara Khong Her World - Sara Khong Her World - Sara Khong Her World - Sara Khong Her World - Sara Khongphoto credit: Her World Magazine Malaysia


My recipes in SHAPE magazine!

If I have one passion, it will be making nutritious food for people I love and encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle. But I also cook for many other reasons…like making myself shapely and pretty (Oh, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!). So I’m glad SHAPE shares some of the recipes from my cookbook.

shape malaysia sara khong3 shape malaysia sara khongshape malaysia sara khong shape malaysia sara khong2

Funny how I made oyster and peanut congee for lunch on the same day Lilian from MPH told me about the feature. Hmm, looking at my fish balls makes me hungry. Must make them soon and keep them in the freezer. Besides, I’ve got spicy belacan chill dip (click for recipe) in my fridge. Homemade fish balls and chill dip is the best combo ever!


What I found when I was clearing my inbox…

I try to maintain “inbox zero”, something I learned from David Allen the author of ‘Getting Things Done’. As I’m clearing my inbox – clicking the spam button, unsubscribing from newsletters, read overdue articles – I found that Carmel from The Edge sent to me the article I wrote. I was too busy during Christmas to notice. So here it is!

The Edge - JewelPie


I made a tutorial that was published on JewelPie about a week before Christmas. It’s still on the wall; need to get rid of it tomorrow. If you haven’t already, check out a bigger photo of my Christmas tree here!