Gentle and Grave

“…to be master of oneself, and never waver in one’s resolve; be cheerful when ill, or in any predicament; the example of character marked by a harmonious blend of gentleness and gravity; to set work on the task without complaint. And the confidence he inspired in everyone that what he was saying was just what he thought, and that whatever he did was done with no bad intent”

Facebook reminded me that I read this passage from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations two years ago. It gave me goosebumps then and it still inspires me today.


Don’t take sides. Don’t be spoiled. Don’t gossip

“…Not to have sided with the Greens or the Blues [at the Chariot-races] or the gladiators with the long shields or short ones; to endure hardship, and have few needs; to do things for myself and not meddle in the affairs of others; and to turn a deaf ear to slander” – Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations is giving me goosebumps. In short, don’t take sides, don’t be spoiled, don’t gossip.

Don’t endure if not necessary

I think I’m quite stoical in the sense that I can endure physical and emotional pain more than most people I know. I don’t take painkiller and I am very patient with people.
Recently, I thought there’s downside to it. The cough that wouldn’t go away because I can bear it, and the frustration that I mentally manage because I can take it.
A quote I loved from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations
“Pain is neither unendurable or everlasting, if you keep its limits in mind and do not add it through your own imagination’ – Epicurus
Recently, I thought life is too short to ENDURE. I don’t want to endure. I want to ENJOY.
Don’t endure if not necessary. But know that if things cannot improve, I have the strength of steel to stand it.
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Does an emerald become any worst if nobody praises it?

“Does an emerald become any worst if nobody praises it?”














Normally I am unaffected by both compliments or criticisms, especially if they are true. Then why is my tranquility disturbed? I realized I am annoyed by gross misunderstanding.

Some people mistook an emerald as a stone, and laugh at why we treat the stone like a gem. Marcus’ advice I’ll like to take:

“…essential to remember that the care bestowed on each action should be proportionate to its worth; for then you will not lose heart and give up, if you are not busying with matters to greater extend than they deserve”

Perhaps, no matter how hard we try, some things/ people are just not worth our time.

That’s the easier path, but really, this is what he recommends:

“A careful regard for the interests of one’s friends; patience towards the unlearned and those whose opinions are not founded on methodical reflection….could accommodate himself to all kinds of people…”

O God, please give me more patience, love, and strength!

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