Morning creation

Getting back on creating in the morning. Instead of reading the news (consuming), I draw instead (create). Creating something fun quickly in the morning (it takes me only a few minutes) makes me more motivated to create bigger things for the rest of the day. “As the first woman to win Album of the Year …

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Productivity  + Presence

Latest challenge: be productive AND be present. Because, as Annie Dillard puts it, “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our life”. In my pursuit of productivity, I surely don’t want to spend time on the doing but not on the being.  I hope I give people enough attention they deserve!

Office dilemma

My good friend Yasmine and I were talking on FaceTime about problems we face at the office:    Then we came up with some strategies to keep unhealthy snacks at bay, like striking a yoga pose instead of snacking when bored at work (?!) =:D  

Happiness is…

chatting with girlfriends and channelling our ferocity through sketches: We all look rather docile but, when attacked, can be dangerous. *** So do not mess with ladies…especially mommas with babies! =D

Trapped feminist

‘India’s daughter’, a documentary worth my tears. When Jyoti, the Delhi gang rape victim, was told by her father that he didn’t have money for her medical education, she said “Papa, whatever money you’ve saved for my wedding, use that to educate me”. She was an intelligent and hardworking girl with honourable dreams; she wanted …

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