Sick Sara vs Healthy Sara

I accidentally stumbled upon this photo taken by local street style photographer, Garbage Lapsap. It was taken 5 years ago when I was working non-stop and surviving on delivered pizza and chap fan. It reminded me of the most miserable time of my life.

Not only I missed my mothes homecooked food and sometimes go to bed with an empty stomach. I couldn’t see my family and friends as much as I wanted to because I was either in the clinic or on my bed. I missed friends’ s weddings, parties and other celebration. I have not energy or time to do anything for fun. I was sick, stressed and sad 🙁

5 years ago when I was stressed, sick and sad
5 years ago when I was stressed, scarily skinny, sick and sad 

One day, I  promise myself to never feel like that again. I decided not to outsource my health and I’ll pursue what truly matters to me. So, I started making small lifestyle changes.

I stopped buying outside food and stocking up on unhealthy food like instant noodles. I started cooking simple meals and buying healthier snacks like nuts and fruits.

On top of that, I schedule mild exercise, find hacks to cooking, organising and clean, and make time for people who matter to me.

I read, research and implemented methods to slowly nursed myself back to health. I reevaluate what’s most important to me. 5 years has passed and I’m so grateful to be healthy and happy again. I even started JewelPie, started #lunchbox Monday campaign and published a cookbook.

A photo that didn't make it to my cookbook
A photo that didn’t make it to my cookbook 

How much have changed. Now, there’s no shortage of homecooked food in my house. I swim weekly and practice yoga daily. I have heaps of energy to do things that I love like writing, reading, playing the uke and traveling. I get to have fun with my family and friends. I feel and look so much better; there’s colour on my face and spring in my steps!


I truly believe health and happiness begins in the kitchen (It’s a note I always write when I autograph my book) and I hope more people will take charge of their health and return to the kitchen.