Seafood Shopping at Kuala Selangor

Last Chinese New Year, we paid a handsome fee for some not-so-fresh prawns. So we plan that we’ll go get super fresh seafood a few months before the festive season and freeze them.

If kept properly, seafood should last for three months. I’ve read somewhere that frozen food can even be kept indefinitely! I remember eating a fresh lobster flown from East Malaysia ONE YEAR after that. I couldn’t tell the difference from those I had at Lobsterman. So yes, this is our first experiment. Would our seafood be fresh when CNY arrives? Let’s see!IMG_8346IMG_8377

We started our trip at the River View restaurant. Due to the haze, there isn’t much view. But we did had lotsa food. I’ve been here a few times. This is probably the best. Love the tofu-crab bisque and premium lala soup (a slice of dang gui/ angelica roots makes a lot of difference). The salted egg prawn and oyster omelette were so-so. So we thought of making our own soon!


At about 2 pm, the fisherman boat came back. We saw it steering to the shop behind us. That’s when it’s time to pay for our lunch and walk next door to buy some fresh seafood.

It can be rather dangerous in there though; its slippery and there’s a machinery that transport fish from the jetty to the inside of the compound.


We plan to buy 7 kg of prawns (?!) but the total catch of the day only amounts to 4 kg today. Oh well… So we took ALL the prawns they caught. They were so fresh and affodrable. It’s RM 65/kg for very huge prawns and RM 58/kg for smaller ones.

Prawns of the same size but of lower quality could be RM 80 elsewhere. We also bought a dozen of snapper fish. We spend a whooping RM 400 but it’s so worth it! (Good food always is always worth it to me)


Of course, I had the friendly Uncle to remove the scales and the innards for me. And we put all of our catch in a Coleman ice box. He’ll kindly filled it with  ice to keep the produce fresh. So happy with my super fresh seafood!fish

Our family loves to eat. We went around the village to buy more food. Heaps of snacks and lotsa other produce like tofu and fishballs. We took lotsa photos and tried to imitate each other by coordinating our facial expressions (?!).
IMG_8397 IMG_8402 food shoppingIMG_8401IMG_8394imitate

And we wrapped it all up with Ayer Itam Asam Laksa. Yup, the famous asam laksa came to Klang and opened up ‘Angcle Peoh’. Oh, today cannot be better!