School girl in Ginza

This is a rare OOTD because I’m wearing my Japanese school girl uniform after 13 years! I only recently discovered it after spring cleaning my house the KonMari way. The uniform surely sparked joy and I thought ‘why not use it?’ I plan to make it a permanent part of my wardrobe and wear it more often, not just in Tokyo.


And there’s a funny story behind it. Upon discovering I was wearing half my school girl uniform from a student exchange programme I joined as a teen, the Boyfan furrowed his brows and formed a deep frown.“Don’t you like my skirt?” I asked. “It’s pretty but I don’t want people to be thinking you’re a school girl!” he confessed.


He is worried that people will think a gaijin (foreigner) tricked a school girl into being with him (?!). Haha! I might look younger than my age but I surely don’t look like sixteen!


note: I was missing Komatsu all day. Sigh! The next trip, earthquake or no earthquake, I am going to see my host family!