Satay obsession

Current obsession: playing, making and serving homemade satay. Since I’ve learned to make an extremely delicious satay at Le Cordon Bleu, I have been making them at home…and I can’t stop.


I’ve made these Thai-style satay three times this week! Today, I made them for my mother who is rather picky about food. She loves it. Yay! It’s Mommy-approved. Can you see how happy she is with her lunch? Next, I’m gonna make them for Ade and Mei Wen for our upcoming house party!

I use both chicken and pork. In Thai, they are called ‘kai-ping’ and ‘moo-ping’ respectively. Kai = chicken. Moo = pork. Ping = grilled”. Talking about that, it reminds me of a funny conversation I had with a fellow cook, Ant, at the cooking school

“Ping means grilled. Moo means pork. Moo ping means grilled pork”

Ant, a Thai, patiently explained and I blurted…

“…But cows say ‘moo'”



Oh, and I like to play with my satay. It makes a good moustache!


RECIPE AT (direct link)