Remembering Kathmandu’s Heritage

I’m so saddened by the news of the 7.8 magniture earthquake that flattened Kathmandu. When I read that the UNESCO heritage sites where completely destroyed – I let out a gasp and wondered what will become of Nepal.

When I was touring Kathmandu, the friendly people told us that there was a development standstill for a decade due to politics and they are now waiting to rebuild the city. Now, Nepal’s history and heritage disappeared in a blink of an eye!

9512826383_7a50ea9b2f_k9512734625_7da76deb6c_k  9515664384_139c56ee04_k 9515663626_b713aaf0a5_k 9515634842_a1d6c1be57_k9515658190_978291a209_k 9515657056_db8ce5b446_k(1) 9515645864_4b922437b0_k 9515638330_284cedc16c_k 9515611920_8550272c99_k 9512823673_de8d89f5e2_k29515608568_b1bdb6ace3_k 9515601020_8bb0c02566_k 9515576256_27565fec98_k 9515530418_3749dd1b94_k 9512812715_e6a2ac1ea9_k 9512793697_a35de2e3de_k 9512775409_0967a59aef_k 9515972980_dfb7e30b7b_k 9513095109_83db60e6aa_k9513179981_f01735a368_k 9515961728_2a737599ff_k 9515956516_99cb3f6f72_kI particularly loved the architecture of Durbar Squares (it’s very distinctive design with red bricks and gold carving. I loved the story behind it; I remember reading about how the fair King divided his Kingdom and the area for his few children.

The extent of destruction looks really bad. But I do hope international donation, will somehow help rebuild the Squares. Though they would probably never be the same, I hope the tourist attraction will bring in revenue for this poor, beautiful country and help its people.