WHAT I HAVE READ: Asia’s Hidden Eden

Asia’s Hidden Eden is the second book I’ve finished reading this year; one which I have discovered at, Gerak Budaya, an independent bookstore in Georgetown. It’s surely one of the best surprises! On top of leading me to a beautiful tropical garden in Penang, this book made me see Penang in a different and deeper way.

Now Penang is more than just a land of my favourite asam laksa to me. It’s an island located at a special location; one that connects the spice route. So many traders have stopped by, so many people gambled their life to seek wealth from this island.


This small spice island was prized for it’s nutmeg, mace and clove and rised to be an important port to transport valuable spices. Can you believe people used to go to war for what we can get from the supermarket nowadays?


Thank you sista for this photo!


As I’m into organisation and productivity, I find following a format much easier. I think I’ll end each “What I Have Read” series with 3 interesting facts (Unlike the ‘book’ tag – I will talk a little bit more about the book). Here’s the first one!

3 interesting facts 

  • Many local herbs like bunga kantan and lemongrass are perennials (a new word to a non-gardener like me). It means that they are available all year long!
  • The popular nutmeg drink from the bottle is made from cooking chopped nutmeg with sugar – no water added!
  • A local herb called King Of Bitter or hempedu bumi is considered to be a promising new treatment for HIV!