Read. Shake. Sing. Pose. Play.

Both Businessweek and Time featured Taylor Swift as their cover stories. He told me they might interest me so I grabbed the copies to read.

The words my eyes so fervently ingested inspired me; we share the same idols for the same reasons – Olivia Benson in Law & Order for her strength and Ina Garten for her authenticity.

Then I had a sudden impulse to listen to “Shake It Off” and pulled him to the balcony to dance with me. I sang and we shake our body to the catchy beat. And that’s after half an hour of yoga earlier. Oh, how silly, how fun!

Then I return to reading with natural rosy cheeks on my tanned and sweaty skin (I’m really happy how being healthy sometimes makes makeup unnecessary). IMG_9124-0.JPGIMG_9120.JPGIMG_9122.JPG
What a wonderful morning!

Ps: I’ll try to record simple joy like this more 🙂