proper conversation, not mindless chatter

I love all forms of communication – written, spoken, digital or physical – especially those where there are exchange of thoughts, ideas, and jokes.

However, as the means of communication becomes cheaper, faster, and easier, its quality dissipates. Proper conversation is few and far between – most people just send short and abbreviated text.

What I really like is phone calls or long face-to-face conversation. But they are so rare that when I do get them, my heart flutters and I feel like tying those people with a rope so they don’t leave so soon (while keeping my cool not to look like I have no friends haha!)

Maybe people are embarrass to call since they are so used to hiding behind a screen. But if so, shouldn’t it be easier now to reply to a message especially just a short ‘thank you’ when a question is answered?

No, sometimes you don’t even get that. Messages are sometimes ignored because we are flooded with so many of them that they have lost meaning. Then we conveniently blame our lack of courtesy on our lack of time.

Which is rather sad to me. So I vow to try to reply to every message and end every conversation properly. On weekends, I call close friends who enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations. I even bought a whole set of stationery to write cards and letters again. This way, I hope my everyday discourse will not be reduced to mindless chatter…