Pick-me-up after a long flight

I haven’t been staying in one place for long recently and having to rush all my work before each trip is taking a toll on my body.

This time, the journey from KUL to HKG to HND felt much longer and taxing than usual. My tailbone was hurting as I wasn’t sitting properly, and due to lower energy level, did not walk about the plane and strike some yoga pose (I like to do the dancer pose and forward bend in planes on long haul flight).

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I thought I needed to freshen up: taking a long bubble bath and changing into comfortable pyjamas. Somehow, I ended up flipping through the room service menu and ordered a glass of juice.

Here’s a bottle of Immune System Juice which is a blend of apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, papaya and spinach (I hope it can help me keep MERS away (?!))

It was heavenly and I felt instantly better after that. It was probably a placebo, but taking a small step to do something good to my body makes a significant difference. Now I’m ready to conquer Tokyo!