Penang in Pictures

I’ve been to Penang many times but only fell in love with it earlier this year. Every corner of the old town is not only beautiful in a peculiar way but is rich is history. I found a shop with handmade rattan furniture painstakingly moulded and weaved by an old uncle, hipster cafe serving greek yoghurt, a fine dining restaurant with a beatiful garden, an obscure Nyonya kuih factory-restaurant and camera museum. Penang surprises me everytime!

This time, I came to attend a beautiful wedding – kind couple, relaxing ambience, hang out with close friends, bump into old friends, amazing Penang feast (especially a pre-wedding buffer with a big pot of assam laksa soup and freshly fried lobak!) and good conversations with new friends.

Here’s my Penang in pictures:


  IMG_9921.JPG IMG_9763.JPGIMG_9923.JPG



To-do next

  • buy rattan furniture
  • visit a local carpenter
  • try each and every Nyonya Kuih & asam laksa
  • visit nutmeg plantation