Patty’s impromptu baby shower

Last weekend, my normally peaceful house turned upside down and I love it! My family came over for crab party and photography for our project.

The next day, the TALK girls (made from combination of our initials) came for an impromptu baby shower. It’s a weekend of parrtyyy!

IMG_6750-0.JPGWe haven’t seen each other for what must be months. Though it didn’t felt that long because we’re often updating each other on Whatsapp. But being with each other face to face is so different.

We got to touch baby bump and play yoga with cute little Zara. Now I understand the word ‘monkey see, monkey do’. She really does imitate everything! It was so cute!

As I’m not a mother (yet), I didn’t realise the length that a mother will go to give the best to their babies. When ask what snacks I can buy for baby Zara, Carmen only asked for fruits.

So I got some bananas and a small little Zara had three! Chocolates are not allowed. I served some dehydrated vegetables too. Mama and baby are happy.


We got some things for Patty, the mama-to-be. I bought a pair of really pretty shoes in Korea. It’s fuchsia pink and decorated with sparkly diamante. I can’t resist it.

But when I showed it to Mama Charles (the Boyfan’s Mom) and she says it’s too huge. Silly me didn’t realise that a baby feet is that tiny. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts and baby Araluen will get to wear it in time.

We had a simple lunch which I made in about an hour (on top of setting the table, etc). Initially I wanted to make fish and chips, along with homemade mayo. But it’s not safe for pregnant ladies to have raw eggs and the weather isn’t the best. It had been so hot and hazy.


So I decided forget about mayo and cut down on fried food. So we had simple grilled fish (I bought Siakap), mushy peas, begedil (a recipe from my cookbook) and homemade lemonade.

I planned to make kiwi coulis to drizzle on vanilla ice-cream but we ate too much snacks in between chatting. Zara kept on feeding us food that were on the coffee table! Oh, put a few girls and a baby together – you’ll be much informed and stuffed silly from chit-chat and food!