Oh Jay, I wouldn’t!

Oh Jay! How I’ll miss you. Having said that, I wouldn’t have married you at 21 even if you asked.

jay and sara


A girl can daydream if she wants to. *Protest!*


p/s: This photo was taken, coincidentally, when I was 21 (You can tell from the childish artwork with kisses and hearts (?!)). Hannah barely hit puberty when he was here to meet me promote Kungfu Dunk. Though he asked me to kiss him his t-shirt asked me to kiss him, I only allowed a hug haha!

p/ss: This is one of my favourite song, Gui Ji ; very appropriate for this occasion. Sigh!

Sara and Jay Chou Kung Fu Dunk

p/sss: Would like to learn to play some popular Jay Chou songs with my uke. I wonder who would be willing to play with me?