Not all introverts are quiet

Ade was explaining to Manda about introverts…

“Not all introverts are quiet and not all extroverts are talkative” she began and further explain “Look at your sister! She came to my house and had a one way conversation with me in my room!”



“Don’t do that Ade [Family Name]!”

“Why are you calling me by my full name? It’s weird!”

“That’s not your full name. Ade [Family Name] [Middle name] [Last name] is”


Nobody realise that I do appreciate alone time and privacy as what I seemingly do is contradictory. It’s almost hard to blog when there are many things that you feel is not appropriate to share, except I have endless stories to tell. Perhaps that why I like to write. I can have a one way conversation without having to burden anyone’s ears and the content will only be seen by willing eyes.