My Raya: doing a cooking demo at the Popular Bookfest

How was Raya? I spent mine doing at cooking demo at the Popular Bookfest at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Though I miss visiting friends at Raya open house and didn’t get to wear pretty baju raya, I consoled myself that perhaps few of the hundreds of people who watched my cooking demo would be inspired to start cooking.

Boy, the annual bookfest was HUGE. . It took up five halls in KLCC. They even advertise in in The Star (I’m in it too!). Despite that, I wasn’t sure if people will be too distracted by affordable books to bother about a cooking demo, but I was pleasantly surprised. The crowd was amazing: someone came up to try my favourite kitchen tool (the turbo chopper), asked questions, bought some books and spoke to me a little.

The demo was entitled “Cooking congee in 20 minutes and other cooking hacks”. Yup, it includes the congee in ziplock bag hack which is my emergency food (nope, no unhealthy instant noodles for me even if I’m busy). As usual, I bought heaps of other tools to speed up cooking and a also a pressure cooker.

A particular man, Ramsingh (if i remember correctly) was particularly encouraging – he told me that he liked how the speech was natural and not scripted. Oh, how significant simple words can be. I must remember to encourage speakers when I attend any conference!

IMG_6452.JPG IMG_6453.JPG 

Thanks you Danny, Kally and Jing Yee from Popular for your assistance and Lilian for the photos! I look forward to more cooking demos and talks. So fun!