My 5 indulgences

At London, I met up with Sam, a good friend from college. She always has very interesting things to say and inadvertently makes me ponder about life.That night at the Churchill bar,  she asked “What is your indulgence? Everyone has at least one”. I couldn’t give her an immediate answer. I said a few things but without conviction.sam

I thought about it for a while and can’t seem to find any for I’m not a shopaholic. The best I could do was books; but I believed it to be a necessity not particularly an indulgence unlike a designer bag. As I was unpacking my luggage and looking through some photos I took, I finally realise there are a few things I would spend more money on that others:

1. Artisanal food
Homemade food made in the traditional way (as oppose to factory-made food) taste so much better. After trying unpasteurized cheese at PasarBella in Singapore, I was looking at packaged cheese from the supermarket in disdain (!). So, at the Borough Market in London, I bought many 25 pounds worth of raw cheese…

2. Michelin-star or restaurants which focus on fresh produce
Fresh food makes a huge difference to dishes. I like to dine at restaurants which selects fresh produce such as Roast in London. All their produce are from Borough Market.

3. Kitchen tools
I believe in using good tools in the kitchen. Why? It speeds up cooking and makes it more enjoyable. Besides, I love serving healthy and pretty food on the table 😀
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4. Good tea and wild honey
I don’t mind buying good tea. My current favourite is Jing tea. Naturally, I must purchase wild honey to sweeten it (The one in the picture of orange blossom honey from Valencia!). I love relaxing at home with a pot of freshly brewed tea, accompanied with a good book. It’s heaven on earth and rather affordable too!

5. Books
My collection of books expands very quickly and I treat all of them like gold. Though I still don’t feel like buying books is an indulgence…it feels like a necessity!

It just dawned upon me that all indulgences are related to food and health. On the very last day of my trip, instead of getting a lambskin bag from Saint Laurent, I found myself checking out beautiful books at a luxury bookstore, Assouline (?!).

Thanks Sam for making me realise this. All along I thought I was a frugal girl (I don’t buy unnecessary things on impulse and spend thousands on bags), but looks like I do indulge too!