My sister might be the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2015!

My talented, thoughtful and gentle sister is a Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 finalist! Amanda Khong

Last week, together with other girls, she was moved into an unknown location. We sent her off with a a few bags.  The required packing list given by Malaysia Miss Universe Organisation is really long. Do you know contestants are required to bring heaps to things like gowns and high heels of at least 4.5 inches high?

Amanda KhongMommy, elder sis and I were there to give our final moral support to Manda. She will be away from home for one whole month and we are not able to contact her. We saw her mingling with other girls, and got to know a very sweet girl called Ashley. I could tell that Amanda is going to have a lot of fun with them!

busNow, I have no idea where my lil sister is and been stalking MUMO Facebook page hoping to get an idea what she might be up to. So far, looks like she learned about social media, had a photoshoot and faced the media.

Sara and amanda

While everyone seem to wish their favourite contestant luck to win the pageant, our family told her to just enjoy the process and I know she will!