Materialistic vs Taste for the finer things in life

Just like beauty and vanity are two different things, there is a distinction between a materialistic person as oppose to one who appreciates the finer things in life.

The former chases after one luxury item after another, wheareas the latter sees beauty in things that are not necessary for survival e.g design, art, culture, fine food, fashion etc. (If I were to make a case, I would have consulted the dictionary to define ‘materialistic’. Alas, this is just a personal blog so this random thought should take me no more than 10 minutes)

Sometimes, I feel that a person with impeccable taste –  e.g one who splurges on a meal in a Michelin-star restaurant or a handcrafted designer bag –  is immediately stereotyped as being materialistic. But someone who eats at mamak and buys clothing without labels can be materialistic too.

The secret lies in what they value most. Do they put too much emphasis on possessions that they overlook other important things in life? While I’m quite privileged to experience and own some nice things, I know that my happiness and aspirations do not lie in those worldly goods.