Many shades of grey

There is rarely a silent moment with the Boyfan, unless we decided to read or work together. Most of the time, conversation flows like a running river. It’s non-stop and can be deep.


In the car, near to my home, there was some construction going on. To ease the traffic, a worker was waving a red flag…

“Oh, he’s waving a red flag at me!” he exclaimed

“You’re a bull!” I shrieked

“Maybe I should charge at him!”

This reminds me of a fact I probably read from my favourite book when I was little “1000 Fantastic Facts” and said

“Do you know that a bull is colour blind?”

He gave me an answer which negates the need to explain that a bull charges because it is agitated by of the motion of the flag, not the colour

“Yeah. And do you know dogs are also colour blind?”

He probably got that from his favourite kids encylopedia, “How Things Work”  or many other things he read

“But they can see many shades of grey”

“Over 20, 000 of shades” 


It’s fun talking to someone who enjoy random scientific facts and tell me things I didn’t know before. We’ve gathered pieces of information from the readings we did when we were little and, when we are adults, sprinkle them in our conversations. It even help us find and keep a partner! haha. So, if I have kids and they tell me they like someone, I will tell them to read!


p/s: Then I thought that lot have changed since we were young. Pluto is no longer a planet, for example. There are new research and studies which dispel what we thought were true. Oh, accuracy aside, at least we are amusing to each other.