Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes Official Book Launch!

Finally, it’s time to celebrate the publishing of my first cookbook: “Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes”. After it was launched on Merdeka Day, I have been working closely with MPH and Tupperware for a great book launch and we made it!Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes By Sara KhongMy book, “Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes” is not just about quick recipes. It’s about kitchen organisation, cooking hacks and the using tools and technology to speed up cooking. So we wanted the book launch to reflect the book.

sara cooksI introduced some of my favourite hacks and tools. They include Tupperware Turbo Chopper, rice dispenser, cutting onions with an apple corer and congee in ziplock bag hack.

tools and techfavourite toolsNaturally, it included a cooking demo. I demonstrated how to make a simple tofu dish in 10 minutes and mango lassi. Sara cooks 2Then it’s time for the member of the media to cook. They were given 30 minutes to complete a dish and a drink.

ruangWe gave them a lot of extra ingredients to garnish and improve their dishes. Many turned out to be delicious. I particularly like how they spice the tofu dish up with chili and added mango into lassi. So yummy!judgingcooking resultsWe walked around to taste all the food and judge. It’s so interesting that all dishes are made with the same recipe but turned out very different. That’s the beauty of homecooked food. It’s all about how you want it to be. Like spicy food? Add some chilli. Don’t like your food to be too salty? Lessen the soy sauce. Love coriander? Put a few extra sprigs. team


Many thanks to everyone involved to make my official book launch a success. This is a lot more intense than my first soft-launch which only involved a speech and book signing. Today, we actually do hacks and cooking together!Lucky draw and book signingOh, everyone said that my Mommy must be proud. But my Mom is never one who brags about her kids and rarely pay any of them compliments. She just quietly supports us. I’m glad as it keeps us grounded. I’ll like to think we are never too proud of our achievements. It’s just something we do. That’s all. The Boyfan’s family on the other hand is very vocal in their encouragement. They’ll go “Well done, Sara! Your hard word is paid off!” and tell everyone they know about my cookbook. It’s very cute!family supportIf you are one of them who wonder why my family is so slim,I will credit to healthy, home-cooked meals. We eat in almost everyday. If you have no time to cook, do get a copy of “Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes”. I’ll show you how to put food on the table…fast!

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