Making putu piring at a Kampung!

Remember I made keropok lekor by the roadside? This time, while exploring Kuantan, I made putu piring at a little stall beside a kampung! You can tell from our faces that it was a lot of fun! 😀

After getting some keropok lekor, we passed by this sign board. As we haven’t had this kuih for a long time (it’s so hard to find in Kuala Lumpur), we decided to give it a try.

IMG_6787.JPGThis little gerai beside a big tree is manned by three lovely people. Of course, the talkative me chit-chatted with the makcik and abang about kuih and Kuala Lumpur.IMG_6789.JPG

Now I understand why this kuih is so rare. Firstly, you need this steam machine.


Secondly, you have to make it fresh. It’s not something that you can make in a big batch at home e.g kuih talam or ondeh-ondeh.IMG_6785.JPG

The putu piring was so good that we ordered another packet and came back another day. That was when I offered my service. A simple “Boleh tolong?” led to a putu piring making session! I was given apron, gloves and instructions. I was elated!


1. Learn from the master


2. Pour prepared rice flour on a putu piring disk


3. Create a small hole and put some shaved gula melaka


4. Pour more rice flour and swipe excess flour with your finger

5. Cover it with a piece of cloth

6. Put it on the steam machine to cook!IMG_0352

If you go to Kuantan, pay attention to the sign! I don’t remember the place, but it’s right next to a cemetery if that helps… (Yes, I don’t let spirits scare me away from delicious kuih!).  Or you could remember these faces:

I think they mentioned that they put halba (fenugreek) in it. It was so delicious!IMG_6792.JPG


This must be one of the memorable event in my life (Yes! I’m easily pleased). It’s so nice to find that people are so friendly. I was so touched when they ensure that I was properly dressed so that I wouldn’t hurt myself. Aww. So I bought 30 pieces of putu piring to repay their kindness but it didn’t seem to be enough. This is truly Malaysian hospitality. So proud!