Leopard print

Sometimes we don’t know about ourself as much as we think we do. I wouldn’t say that I fancy leopard print until my shopping habits shows me otherwise. Overtime, I’ve collected quite a few items in these black and brown patches. Here are some of them:

{ 1 } Leopard print heels
I’ve gotten this pair of heels from London. It’s still sitting in my shoe cabinet, unworn. Why? I’ve been wearing another pair of flats in the same print…

Leopard Print

{ 2 } Leopard print pouch
I keep my phone and some spare cash in this pouch. As snatch thieves nowadays break windscreen to grab handbags placed on passenger seats, I keep my mine at the car boot and carry with me this leopard print pouch.leopardprintpouch

{ 3 } Leopard print toiletries bag
This toiletries bag nails both form and function. As I travel quite often, I keep travel-size essentials in it permanently. It makes packing so much easier.Leopard Print

{ 4 } Leopard print plaster
When I’m hurt, I always feel a little down wearing those boring skin-colour plaster. Brightly printed plasters somehow makes the pain a little better.Leopard Print

{ 5 } Leopard print scarf
I try to keep a scarf in my bag all the time (you don’t know when the cinema gets a little too cold). It came in handy at chilly Beijing zoo and when taking a photo with a leopard.Leopard Print