Le Cordon Bleu

Cooking was never my forte and the kitchen was never my territory. But when I moved out from home, it was clear to me: don’t cook = no food. I tried surviving on pizza delivery and chap fan (economic rice). It wasn’t a good idea. So I started to spend more time in the kitchen!

Le Cordon Bleu

If you told me years ago I would voluntary pay to cook, I would laugh at your absurdity. But today, I eagerly ingest all the cooking techniques a professional chef taught me. We made curry paste and Asian sauces. I ask heaps of questions such as whether using a pestle and mortar instead of a blender to pound curry paste results in better taste (The answer is ‘no’). I happily trim extra fats on duck breasts which before was icky to me. I enthusiastically pounded spices and roast shrimp paste.  Oh, what happened to me?

le cordon bleu

A few students ask me if I came for business or passion. The true answer is ‘family’.  My intention is always clear: to be able to cook better for my love ones. No one can take better care of myself and my family. Perhaps affected by Daddy’s passing, I no longer think it’s wise to depend my family’s well being on doctors or anyone else for that matter. I do hope that learning cooking from the best school will help makes people I care about want to eat healthy homecooked food more!