I get the most brilliant ideas and random thoughts in the pool…

“The most important coach in the world is yourself.”

Out of the blue, I blurted this line in the pool. He was puzzled. I insisted it wasn’t nonsense. It’s perhaps a paradox? Something that seemingly contradict itself but could be true.


In this pool, I learned how to swim. In this pool, I conquered my fear of deep end (after almost drowning in a hotel pool about 4 years ago). In this pool, I made up my mind to one day be able to swim so well I would swim and float in the middle of the South China Sea. And beside this pool, at the bar, I decided for sure I want to play the ukulele

No one forced me to. I didn’t go for classes. I just really wanted to do it. So I learn. I practice. I take baby steps. And one day, I can!

Next challenges (in order):

  1. Learn to float
  2. Stay underwater for 30 seconds
  3. Swim deep underwater (not near the surface)

Then, I’ll swim in the middle of the sea!


Thanks to the Internet, most things can be self-taught. Of course, having people to help you achieve something helps tremendously. But what is more important is your determination to learn. I believe that there is no better coach and/or cheerleader than your curious, determined and motivated self.