How to start an edible apartment garden in a tropical country

I don’t know what spurred me to grow food in my apartment. Perhaps it was Michael Pollan’s ‘Omnivore’s Dilemma’. 

He not only discussed the conundrum of ‘What should we eat?; he cooked a meal from scratch – he foraged, fished, hunted and grew all the food that was on the table. 

I really like to do that one day. The first step is to plant. My plan was met with a lot of opposition and incredulity for I don’t have land. Nor skills. Nor time.

“But your apartment has no space”

“No, you can’t grow lemongrass in a pot”

“What happens to your plants when you travel?”

But I did it anyway. History shows that when people don’t believe I can do something, it is when I do it best. So here’s-how I started my edible apartment garden!

How to start an apartment garden in a tropical country

I’ll talk more about how I build by DIY self-watering pot system and the experiments that I’ve been doing next time. It’ll be about how to maintain a garden when you’re a frequent traveller like me.